Report shows the personal injury claims in the UK are at five-year low

Claiming for medical negligence in the UK has been an uphill task for many UK citizens. The MOJ-Ministry of Justice Statistics- shows a significant decrease in personal injury (PI) claims in the last five years. Civil justice figures also show that personal injury claims in the county court have decreased to 33, 500, a 7 percent decrease in the first three months of 2018. The slump points towards a reversal in PI claims trends compared to the same duration in 2017 that recorded a 10 percent rise in PI claims.

The shocking statistics come just a few weeks after the Compensation Recovery Unit from the UK Department for Work and Pensions claimed that the overall number of PI claims recorded with it decreased to 853,615, a 13 percent decrease. PI attorneys say that the government is making a remarkable gain in reducing the number of claims and the government wants the changes proposed in the previous years to take effect before effecting new changes.

David Gauke, the Justice Secretary has supported the latest Civil Liability Bill claiming that the number of whiplash claims has remained unreasonably high for a long period and that depicts the drawbacks of the broad compensation culture.

The new law also provides a new tariff for whiplash damages. The ease of claiming for medical negligence will depend on the effectiveness of the reforms proposed by the government. Rory Stewart, the UK justice minister also affirmed in parliament that the British government is committed to implementing all components of its reform strategy by 2019.

The proposed reforms include strategies included in the Civil Liability Bill, as well as, other supplementary challenges to boost the small PI claims limits that need a secondary legislation. Additionally, the civil justice figures shared by the MOJ affirm that the time taken to file PI claims has increased by 14 days to 793.8 days.

In the first quarter of 2018, nearly 98 percent of the unspecified monetary defenses mostly comprised the PI claims despite the presence of legal representation for both parties. The Government also suggests that the PI claim changes will also lower insurance premiums. The current average insurance premiums have increased to more than £700 which is extremely higher for many UK citizens.

The cost of claiming for medical negligence has also been adversely affected by the skyrocketing cost of living in the country. The Government also suggests that the unlawful whiplash claims have added an extra £2 billion to the insurance cost.

The number of whiplash claims has continued to decrease each year. Experts in the field have argued that the ever-increasing IPT-Insurance Premium Tax-significantly account for the increased insurance costs. Both personal injury solicitors and their clients will be interested to see if the proposed PI claim reforms will benefit them and streamline the entire process for claiming for personal injury negligence.